Enjoy Naturally


The park is in loving hands of 'NatuurMonumenten' this is a Dutch charitywhich is dedicated to preserve nature. There are beautiful walking andcycling trails, where you can come face to face with a Scottish Highlander.They are here to manage the nature in their own special way.

In the area of ‘De Kuilen’ we have a recreational lake with a cozybeachpavilion, where you can sunbathe and swim.

This beautiful area has a long history. To preserve the beauty of natureand the rich past the Geurts van Kessel family chose to open an informativevisitors-center. Our apartment and hotelrooms are located above thevisitors-center and this is your visit more then worth it. See what flora andfauna is featured in this area and let it positively surprise you. You willalso find a wealth of information on the town Mill & Sint Hubert and thesurrounding area. Take a stroll through the past and admire fossils fromprehistoric times. For children there is much to see and do in the visitors-center and there is also a nice playground for them outside.

Mill and Sint Hubert

In addition to our recreation area De Kuilen, Mill and St. Hubert has alsonumerous other recreational activities. For example the beautiful ancientlandscape around Castle Tongelaar. Here are exhibitions, concerts and eventson a regularly base.Our beautiful landscape provides really nice cycle- and hikingroutes. If youlike to remember the past Mill has a War Foundation. They have an impressiveroute mapped out where you come along several war monuments.

Grave ( at 8 kilometers)

We recommend culture lovers a trip to the nearby Grave. A fortified (small)town from the 17th century on the river with a beautiful historic towncentre.You can see the different churches, synagogues, monasteries and otherreligious objects as well as see the various monuments that refer to herpast. Grave also has many shopping streets and several nice and really tastyrestaurants.

Cuijk (at 16.5 kilometers)

Also in Cuijk culture lovers are in the right place. Cuijk has an impressivearchaeological past and you can see that everywhere in the town. Even thesedays you can still find remnants of the Roman past. In 1992 they found theRoman bridge, dating from the 4th century after the birth of Jesus Christ.Besides various monuments Cuijk also has a museum where you can taste itsarchaeological atmosphere.
For people who like to have a look in the past and the present Cuijk hasa big market every Saterday. This is fully covered and heated. Over 1.500stands this is a heaven for hobbyists and collectors. The 22.000 m2 areayou will find besides the many different stands, also dozens of eateries andlive performances. A fun day out for the whole family!

Nijmegen (at 22 kilometers)

Nijmegen offers something to do for everyone. With nine museums, severalcinemas, theaters, galleries and a Holland Casino, Nijmgen is a great placefor anyone. Here you find the oldest shopping street of the Netherlands; ‘DeLange Hezelstraat.’ In addition to virtually every major fashion retailersknow, this city also have several unique shops. You can book a cruise on theWaal or explore this city on the Solex, step or even the gymball. So go seeNijmegen on your own unique way!

The main shopping districts in this area are Nijmegen, Uden, Boxmeer and DenBosch.

We are pleased to tell you more about the various opportunities that our areahas to offer. In the visitors-center you can find extensive photographs ofour area. And in your room you also find a map with more information.So you can enjoy naturally!